The Way of the Woodchuck

Fine!  Maybe woodchucks aren’t all that clever. In all honesty, I chose the name because it amused me.  ‘Woodchuck’ amuses me and ‘Clever Woodchuck’ amuses me more.  I don’t know why.

These days we hear so few stories about woodchucks. Sadly, we hear even fewer stories about woodchucks’ craftiness.  I am no witness to the cleverity of woodchucks but I can only imagine that there is an uncredited artfulness.  For an animal, essentially defenseless against all but the most benign, scilicet most other Rodentia, a majority of insects, and a great many plants, must have some Thing which has kept it alive for millions of years.  To those who claim this Thing is cowardice (for woodchucks run and hide in holes), let me say that first, cowardice is not a Thing – conversely it is the lack of The Thing Bravery – and last that these holes require planning and strategy. Not to mention a Oneness with the earth beneath the mighty diggers of this proud rodent.  These holes, after all,  don’t just create themselves.  So I posit that Clever is the Thing.  The Thing which has kept the Woodchuck with us, to charm us with its whistle, to inspire awe at the beauty of its amber underside, and to lend its name to websites.

The Woodchuck will guide you. Follow the path of the Woodchuck and you will learn.